Pope Francis Given Second Hydrogen-Powered Toyota Mirai Popemobile


October 13, 2020

A specially-made hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai has been delivered to Pope Francis’s residence in the Vatican City. This hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai is the second of the two hydrogen cars which have been donated to the Vatican after Pope Francis’s visit to Japan in November last year. 

Image: TopGear

The Toyota Mirai: A zero emission vehicle


The Toyota Mirai uses a hydrogen fuel cell system which results in completely zero-emissions propulsion. The only end product is water. The Toyota Mirai has a range of up to 500 km per tank of hydrogen.


The handover of the hydrogen car was conducted during a ceremony attended by Rev. Father Domenico Marokot Wada, representing the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan and a delegation of six Toyota representatives, including senior vice president of Toyota Motor Europe Miguel Fonseca.


The zero-emissions hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai aligns with the Pope’s vision for a cleaner environmental future. In his 2015 encyclical Laudato si’, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of preserving the earth as our home and to safeguard that what is around us.