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There is a capacity problem on the electricity grid in parts of North Brabant and Limburg. As a result, it is not possible for all new renewable energy projects to feed power back into the grid. According to the main grid operator, it is not possible to expand the electricity grid as fast as the supply of, in particular, solar parks increases. This problem is also known as grid congestion. In the vision of the project partners Van Kessel, Vissers Energy Group and Hystream, hydrogen can prevent the electricity grid from becoming congested and allow the share of sustainably generated electricity to continue to grow, while also meeting the need for controllable, emission-free energy that can be used at any time of day and any place. In this way, locally generated green electricity can be maximally utilized to relieve infrastructure bottlenecks.



Hystream is proud to announce that it will build and operate its first hydrogen filling station at a recently opened filling station at the Laan der Verenigde Naties in Dordrecht in partnership with Koninklijke van Twist. 

The filling station is situated at a strategic location, near the A16 motorway in Dordrecht. 

This hydrogen filling station will be equipped for hydrogen refueling at 350 and 700 bar, enabling cars, trucks and buses to refuel. Next to hydrogen, traditional fuels are also available.

The hydrogen refueling station will be realized at an already existing petrol station which was formally opened in the summer of 2020 by BP and Koninklijke van Twist. At the time of opening, one of the objectives was to examine whether a hydrogen refueling facility could be realized in the near future.

Hystream has taken on this role and is proud and excited to build and operate this fueling facility.

Solar Panels


Combining renewable energy projects with green hydrogen production

Currently, the region of Someren, The Netherlands is facing many challenges with regards to the realization of renewable energy projects due to grid congestion problems. The same goes for many other regions in The Netherlands and other parts of the world. ​

Due to these grid congestion problems, solar and windfarms cannot supply electricity back to the grid. As such, these renewable energy projects cannot be realized or scaled. Our green hydrogen solution will change this.

We have joined hands with a renewable energy project developer to produce solar-powered green hydrogen at two locations in Someren.


This produced green hydrogen will be stored when the electricity grid is congested and it will be turned back into electricity when the electricity demand is high and renewable energy cannot meet this demand.



Peel and Maas has a climate objective of being energy neutral by 2050. The focus will be on generating sustainable energy locally in such a way that residents can benefit from it.
Because there are often problems with grid congestion in Peel en Maas, hydrogen is the solution here.


Simular to our project in Dordrecht a combination of a solar park and green hydrogen production is planned for Spiesberg.

Our projects are currently focused on developing locations for local green hydrogen production and application. 

We are realizing local green hydrogen production sites, including hydrogen filling and bunkering stations.
The map indicates the locations of a number of projects we are working on. 

We take care of planning, designing, coordinating and delivering projects for the safe operation and use of hydrogen applications.

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