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We develop a range of hydrogen-related projects, serving a diverse range of applications.

All our projects are safe, reliable and free of emissions.

Working on energy solutions of


Projects in Development

Our projects are currently focused on developing locations for local green hydrogen production and application. 

We are realizing local green hydrogen production sites, including hydrogen filling and bunkering stations.


The map indicates the locations of a number of projects we are working on. 

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Hydrogen Multi-Hubs: 

Local Hydrogen Production, 

Hydrogen Filling and

Bunkering Stations

We are currently focused on developing and realizing 'end-to-end' green hydrogen solutions for the development of Green Hydrogen Multi-Hubs. 

The purpose of these hubs is to locally produce, store, transport and distribute green hydrogen for multi-purpose use, such as for trucks, cars, industry, buildings and vessels.


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