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Stable supply of
green power, wherever and whenever it is required

Hard-to-reach, remote locations require unique and flexible power generation solutions. The same goes for locations that have limited to no infrastructure or are subject to strict regulations on emissions.

This requires innovative technology and strategic approaches to tackling such issues and providing solutions in order to generate a stable, reliable and sustainable supply of electricity. Hydrogen plays a crucial role in such solution, as it is a 100% emission-free energy carrier and its versatility allows it to be stored and converted into electricity on demand.

Our Hydrogen Power Barge solution is a floating and scalable hydrogen power plant, which can supply green electricity wherever and whenever it is required.

They can be deployed to provide emission-free power to construction sites at locations which are primarily accessible by water or difficult to reach or they can provide energy to harbors or sites near rivers, such as shore power.

Hydrogen Power Barge.jpg


Mobile supply of green power for a variety of purposes

The need for clean, sustainable and reliable mobile power supply at remote locations or locations which are not connected to the grid is growing. ​

Due to the increasingly strict regulations capping NOx, finedust and CO2 emissions, many projects requiring mobile power supply, such as construction and festival projects, are hindered, due to the high emissions of regular diesel generators  often used as mobile power supply. ​

Our Hydrogen Power Truck is a mobile unit, which can be deployed in remote and off grid locations to provide a constant and reliable green power supply at any time.

Our Hydrogen Power Truck offers a solution in multiple ways:

  • It does not emit NOx, finedust or CO2 emissions

  • It does not generate noise nuisance, which makes it ideal for power generation in city centres

  • It is flexible and scalable

  • It stimulates central electricity production for the entire site

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