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We plan, design and coordinate safe and coherent solutions for the development of hydrogen projects. We take care of the initiation, definition, design, development, implementation and follow-up phases of your project.



We provide state of the art hydrogen solutions solving today's and future energy transition challenges. Our solutions resolve grid congestion, provide zero-emission construction power and make hydrogen available on demand at location.



We realize the safe operation of hydrogen production, storage and distribution. We can help you to unlock the full potential of your hydrogen operations.


Hystream hydrogen value chain focuses on the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen. We have strategic alliances with developers of hydrogen producing facilities (supply side) as well as users of hydrogen (demand side).

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Hystream offers solutions that are modular, scalable and movable. We apply our “4S-principles” for every project:


  • Safe and environmentally sound.

  • Our hydrogen solutions are always in compliance with the highest (inter)national safety standards (e.g. ATEX, SAE J2601, IEC 61511).

  • We only make use of technologies that are safe and proven. The Hystream team has extensive knowledge and experience to identify, quantify and mitigate safety risks.

  • We understand that managing the public perception around safety of hydrogen is of paramount importance.


  • Minimal complexity.

  • Instead of increasing complexity by adding components we first strip the design to its core and then start adding components that are adding sufficient value.

  • The same applies for the parties we work with. Each party should bring added value to the solution chain.


  • Proven technology and scalable.

  • All our projects use proven technology and are scalable. We apply hydrogen standards and define standards (e.g. via the Dutch PGS-26 norm). Most of our systems are moveable and connectable, bringing flexibility.

  • We work with partners to enhance standardization.


  • Reliable.

  • Too low reliability is detrimental to customer experience (filling stations) as well as project economics. Using techniques such as FMECA as well as statistical data we examine our designs and apply redundancy where required.

  • In the operational phase we ensure maintenance is applied in a smart manner.

Interested in learning more about how you can take part?

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