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The value we create through building and operating our smart hydrogen solutions will benefit the energy transition and contribute to an accelerated emission free environment.

We offer : 

  • Corporation agreements with solar & wind park developers & existing fuel station owners

  • Participation in the full hydrogen value chain from production and transportation and sales at proprietary hydrogen fuel stations

  • Scalable cost effective hydrogen dispensing solutions

  • Smart zero emission power solutions for construction sites and outdoor events

  • Hydrogen demand contracts by deploying innovative IP truck engine technology


Heavy-duty Trucks, Construction Machines, Large Busses. Hydrogen is to become the zero emission fuel of choice for these applications. Hystream is well positioned to become a leading independent European integrated green hydrogen company. Its purpose and strategy? Produce and deliver competitive green hydrogen along major logistic corridors to large bus-, truck- and taxi-fleets with long-term customer contracts. Accelerate the transition of truck fleet owners to hydrogen by offering an attractive proposition.



Our long standing international business and project management experience combined our integrated business model covering the entire hydrogen value chain from production to consumption ensures first time right delivery and exploitation of your investment. Our strategic partnerships enable Hystream to create and secure long-term value for all stakeholders.

Interested in learning more about how you can take part?

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