Hyundai's world’s first mass-produced hydrogen heavy-duty truck heads to Europe


July 6, 2020

Hyundai has shipped 10 models of the H2 Xcient Fuel-Cell heavy-duty truck to Switzerland as part of its strategy based on environmental commitment and reducing emissions.


Importantly, this is the first batch out of 50 which are planned to be sold later this year in Switzerland.


Hyundai is further planning to market another 1,600 Xcient Fuel-Cell trucks in Switzerland by 2025 and is looking to launch similar projects in more European countries, such as Austria, Germany, the Netherlands or Norway.

Pictured here is Hyundai's H2 Xcient Fuel-Cell truck


The Xcient Fuel-Cell truck is powered by a 190-kW hydrogen fuel cell system with dual 95-kW fuel cell stacks. The truck has a combined storage capacity of around 32.09 kg of hydrogen. The driving range for truck is a claimed 250 miles on a single refueling. This was developed to find an optimal balance between the specific requirements from the potential commercial fleet customers and the charging infrastructure in Switzerland. The time to refuel a Xcient Fuel-Cell truck takes between 8-20 minutes.

Switzerland has been marked as a suitable location because half of Switzerland’s energy comes from hydropower. In this light, the country has the potential to extract “green” hydrogen from water with electrolysis, which is a carbon-free process if powered by renewable electricity.

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