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Sustainable Energy


December 9, 2020

Hystream and MorgenZon, a developer of local solar energy solutions, have joined hands to realize solar-powered green hydrogen production in Someren, The Netherlands.

The electricity grid in the Someren area is currently congested. Someren is an attractive area developers of solar energy projects. Many project developers have recently submitted plans for the realization of new solar parks in this area. However, network operator Enexis recently concluded that there is not enough transmission capacity available on the grid.

This means that the planned solar parks in Someren cannot be realized until there is a solution. The municipality of Someren is currently looking into possible solutions to still meet the sustainability objectives. Among other things, hydrogen is currently being examined as a solution to grid congestion problems. Hystream's green hydrogen solution thus offers ample opportunities for the realization of renewable energy projects in the area.

Solar-powered hydrogen in Someren

Hystream will deliver the hydrogen technology to realize local green hydrogen production through electrolysis. The electricity used for the production of this green hydrogen will be supplied by the locally generated solar power. By locally generating green hydrogen from solar power, we reduce the intermittency of renewable energy storing hydrogen when demand is low or the grid is congested and use it for electricity generation to supply electricity to the grid when demand is high. By doing so, we can ensure a stable supply of green electricity at all times and reduce grid congestion problems, which also supports the realization of more renewable energy projects in the future.

Green hydrogen reduces grid congestion problems

Renewable energy projects, such as wind and solar farms, currently face many difficulties in their realization or scaling. Due to variable electricity production and the increasing consumption and production of electricity, the electricity grid becomes congested. This often leads to the inability to deliver or take electricity from the grid. Congestion problems in the electricity grid often hamper the realization of more renewable energy projects, which slows down the energy transition. 

Green hydrogen can play a key role in reducing congestion problems in the electricity grid. Renewable energy generators can use their additional electricity capacity to produce hydrogen for storage. Different from electricity production by wind and solar, green hydrogen is not limited by real-time demand and can be stored and used when needed. Green hydrogen production and storage may thereby also increase the number of possibilities available for the development of local and regional renewable energy projects.

For more information see the full article here (in Dutch).

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