Hystream presents the ample opportunities for hydrogen as a key alternative to diesel in Technisch Weekblad

February 18, 2021

Hydrogen is a crucial alternative fuel source to reduce carbon emissions. Currently, the electric car has taken over a large share of the market, whereas the options for decarbonizing transport long-haul vehicles still remains limited. This is precisely where hydrogen comes into play.

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The hydrogen market can and needs to be scaled by realizing hydrogen supply

According to Hystream's Founder and Technical Director Joep Coenen: "Similar to the growth of the share of electric cars in the market, the share of hydrogen-powered cars and trucks needs to be stimulated by increasing the supply of hydrogen. We need the government to invest more into the hydrogen economy. By scaling the hydrogen market, the production costs of hydrogen will decrease. Furthermore, the production of green hydrogen will significantly decrease when generated from green electricity directly produced from solar and wind parks. It is also important to note that the electriticy produced by solar and wind parks has already become cheaper and is expected to become increasingly affordable in the future".

See the full article and interview with our Founder and Technical Director Joep Coenen in Technisch Weekblad here.


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