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April 7, 2021

On the 7th of April, 13:00 – 14:30 the Hydrogen frontrunner companies in the Netherlands host an online event broadcasted from The Hague and moderated by Harm Edens with the help of Sieb Rodenburg, host of the Waterstofpodcast. During the event Professor future energy systems Ad van Wijk will present ‘Ten hydrogen commitments.’ These stipulate ten guidelines surrounding the increased use of hydrogen, an initiative that the Dutch government wants to endorse. Their message is clear: increasing the use of hydrogen is very urgent and there is no time to waste. It will be crucial in achieving the climate goals set in the Paris Climate Treaty.

Frontrunner event Dutch hydrogen coalition

In order to achieve governmental endorsement, Hydrogen frontrunner companies in the Netherlands form a broad coalition from all sectors of the economy through an individual hydrogen commitment. This coalition already consists of companies like Shell, Port of Amsterdam, Toyota, Stedin, Hyet Hydrogen, Jumbo, Groningen Seaports, Gasunie, Future Proof Shipping, Tata Steel, Remeha and Hystream.

We here at Hystream have joined this initiative and sent in our own individual commitment. We believe Hystream will become instrumental in more efficiently bringing together supply and demand for green hydrogen, by creating a chain of production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen. Public transport in the Netherlands and the European Union will, in the coming years, totally transform from being fossil fuel driven to electricity and hydrogen driven. To realize this, an infrastructure for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen will need to be set up. Furthermore, we believe that energy supply for outdoor events and construction activities can become completely zero-emission through the use of hydrogen.

From our government we ask that it forms coherent and durable green energy policy. We ask that it makes hydrogen solutions economically viable though subsidies and soft loans, and finally we ask all governmental authorities to include a zero-emission requirement for all their contracts concerning transportation.

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