World's First Hydrogen Train Filling Station To Be Constructed in Germany

Coradia_iLint2018_ Copyright  R. Frampe

Image: R. Frampe / Alstom

August 8, 2020

The world’s first filling station for hydrogen passenger trains will be constructed in the Germany town Bremervörde, Lower Saxony. The hydrogen filling station will be constructed and operated by Linde for the Lower Saxony Regional Transport Company. 

The World's First Hydrogen Train Filling Station: Bremervörde

The daily capacity of the hydrogen filling station is approximately 1600kg of hydrogen, which will replace the current mobile filling station. The construction of the filling station is expected to start in September. It is expected to be completed by mid-2021. 


Alstom Coradia iLint trains


Alstom unveiled its first Coradia iLint hydrogen-powered train in September 2016. Two years ago it started the year-and-a-half tests in Lower Saxony on behalf of EVB. As a result, several German operators expressed their interest in the innovation, besides EVB. Fahrzeugmanagement Region Frankfurt RheinMain (fahma), the railway operator in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Area, ordered 27 Coradia iLint trains.

The German states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and the Hessian transport association Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund signed letters of intent with Alstom for 60 hydrogen trains. In addition, Alstom is planning to develop the hydrogen multiple units for Italy and the United Kingdom.

Germany first started testing the world’s first hydrogen trains named Coradia iLint in September 2018. The trains have been developed and constructed by the French Alstom. The first two trains completed an 18-month test phase in February. The trains can run 600 miles on a single tank of hydrogen fuel. Lower Saxony is aiming to scale up the number of hydrogen trains from 2021 onwards.

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