Hydrogen plays important role in EU recovery plans

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June 15, 2020

(Reuters) In a joint declaration to the European Commission, Six EU Member States, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg have pushed for increased EU legislation and funding support for the development of hydrogen applications. 

The respective Member States also called upon the Commission to set targets for scaling up hydrogen production to be met by 2030.

The Commission has already emphasized that the 750 billion coronavirus recovery fund will also be used to support the development of hydrogen. 

Currently, the EU consumes approximately 8 million tonnes of hydrogen each year, most of which is grey hydrogen (i.e. produced from natural gas). Instead, the six Member States called for a scale-up of renewable hydrogen production to meet current and future climate targets.

Last week, Germany already announced that it will use 9 billion euros from its coronavirus economic recovery package to scale up production of clean hydrogen fuel.

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