Green hydrogen takes prominent place in draft EU strategy on hydrogen


July 1, 2020

The EU's draft strategy on a hydrogen economy - to be published July 8 - emphasizes the necessity for green hydrogen production. 

The leaked document underlines the importance of scaling up green hydrogen production and application in order to meet the EU's climate targets. As such, it is emphasized as 'central' within the European Green Deal. 

Next to pledging for an increased production of green hydrogen, the document also emphasizes the importance of green hydrogen as end-to-end solution when it comes to powering heavy-duty trucks, aviation and vehicles. Moreover, it is not only deemed essential to develop clean fuel for the future, the document also underlines how scaling up hydrogen can contribute to economic recovery post-COVID-19. 

Considering the increasing level of interest in green hydrogen at the Member State level, the EU is aiming for a coherent European approach to avoid fragementation and unfavorable market conditions across the EU. As such, the draft strategy pledges for increased EU legislation and support to drive competion and private investment in the sector. 

The document further aims to lay out a coherent and integrated strategy to develop a European hydrogen economy, focusing on upstream to mid- and downstream activities in the hydrogen sector. 

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