Enterprise Rent-A-Car To Add 17 Toyota Mirai to UK Fleet


February 2, 2021

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has added 17 Toyota hydrogen fuel cell electric cars, the Toyota Mirai model to its UK fleet. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has done so as part of their initiative to provide a zero-emission fleet. Enterprise closely collaborates with car manufacturers on exploring alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, for zero-emission transport. The 17 hydrogen-based Toyota Mirai will be added in addition to other electric vehicles to the Enterprise UK fleet.

The 17 delivered Toyota Mirai will be used in a pilot programme by corporate customers, Enterprise Car Club members and Enterprise employees across the UK to explore the possibilities using alternative fuels in their fleet and whether more Toyota Mirai can be added to the Enterprise fleet in the near future.

The Toyota Mirai and Enterprise


The Toyota Mirai is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell which uses hydrogen to produce electricity which fuels the motor of the Mirai. Similar to refueling petrol or diesel vehicles, a vehicle powered by hydrogen can be refueled in just three minutes at a hydrogen pump. However, unlike diesel or petrol, the Toyota Mirai, or any other hydrogen-powered vehicle, emits nothing but water and is as such free from harmful emissions. Furthermore, it has a driving range of around 300 miles on a tank of hydrogen fuel, similar to that of a diesel or petrol vehicle.

For Enterprise Rent-A-Car, hydrogen-powered vehicles can play a crucial role in the advancement of sustainable mobility. According to Ian Macbeth, Enterprise European Partnerships and Innovation Strategy Director, “Our goal is to use this fleet of hydrogen vehicles to examine the potential for the technology in practical working environments. We want to see what role hydrogen vehicles might play in the future advancement of sustainable mobility, to reduce emissions and to help cities, communities and businesses to achieve their air quality goals. As a family-owned business, we operate with the next generation in mind. This underlines our decision to explore emerging technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells, so we can understand the impact they can have in real-world situations and can gather feedback from users.”

Jon Hunt, Toyota GB Manager Alternative Fuels, commented: “We’ll be very interested to see the results of Enterprise’s pilot study into the use of hydrogen fuelled Mirai cars for its fleet.  This is another example of commercial companies exploring the potential of these zero emission cars as we progress towards a hydrogen society.  Enterprise joins energy companies, aviation, engineering and private hire companies, as well as local authorities, government departments and universities, in adopting hydrogen fuelled transport”

Enterprise as a leader in sustainable mobility

 Enterprise is a leader in mobility and technology and is committed to helping incorporate sustainability goals into comprehensive, long-term local transportation planning. The company is a key part of private and public sector partnerships delivering Mobility as a Service projects in the West Midlands and Scotland. It is also supporting the development of Mobility Hubs, including a recently opened hub in Greenwich, which bring together multiple forms of transport which can all be accessed through a shared digital platform.

For more information see the full press release here.