Mobile Power Solutions

Hystream offers various mobile fuel solutions:

Fleet Owner Station

The Fleet Owner Station (FOS) offers the perfect mobile solution for refueling FCEV passenger cars. This system acts as a user-friendly, relatively small, cheap and portable fuel station. It was designed with fleet owners in mind (hence the name) but is a fitting solution for any company using one or multiple FCEV passenger cars. The FOS consists of three components: a compression module, a dispenser module and an operating panel. To guarantee safety the electric and hydrogen components are separated from each other.


Courtesy of Toyota / Resato

Heavy Vehicle Station


The Heavy Vehicle Station (HVS) acts in a similarly way as the FOS, but is designed for heavy duty users. It has a wide range of applications, for example filling trucks, buses, and trains with hydrogen. It can also be used for vehicles on construction sites, in ports, or at airports. The system comprises of two components: a stationary tank container and a portable refueling station with a high level of flexibility. The refueling station features a disconnectable tank container on a trailer, making it easy to transport and refill.

Courtesy of Wystrach

Milk Run Service

Our Milk Run service ensures that your company has a guaranteed supply of hydrogen, without the need for setting up your own hydrogen filling station. In other words: you don’t have to come to us, we’ll come to you! Our mobile hydrogen tanker delivers hydrogen in the same way as the milkman used to make his rounds. The Milk Run principle offers a low-cost solution with a high degree of adjustability.

H2 power truck.jpg