Green Hydrogen Production

Solar-powered Hydrogen

in Someren - combining renewable

energy projects with green hydrogen production

Currently, the region of Someren, The Netherlands is facing many challenges with regards to the realization of renewable energy projects due to grid congestion problems. The same goes for many other regions in

The Netherlands and other parts of the world. 

Due to these grid congestion problems, solar and windfarms cannot supply electricity back to the grid. As such, these renewable energy projects cannot be realized or scaled. 

h2 storage.jpeg

Our green hydrogen solution will change this.

We have joined hands with a renewable energy project developer to produce solar-powered green hydrogen at two locations in Someren.


This produced green hydrogen will be stored when the electricity grid is congested and it will be turned back into electricity when the electricity demand is high and renewable energy cannot meet this demand.

For more information about grid congestion problems and the consequent challenges for renewable energy projects in the region of Someren, see this article (in Dutch).

The unique combination of

renewable energy projects and green

hydrogen production reduces grid congestion problems


Renewable energy projects, such as wind and solar farms, currently face many difficulties in their realization or scaling. Due to variable electricity production and increasing consumption and production of electricity, the electricity grid becomes congested. This often leads to the inability to deliver or take electricity from the grid. Congestion problems in the electricity grid often hamper the realization of more renewable energy projects, which slows down the energy transition. 


Green hydrogen can play a key role in reducing congestion problems in the electricity grid. Renewable energy generators can use their additional electricity capacity to produce hydrogen for storage. Different from electricity production by wind and solar, green hydrogen is not limited by real-time demand and can be stored and used when needed. Green hydrogen production and storage may thereby also increase the number of possibilities available for the development of local and regional renewable energy projects.