Permanent Fuel Solutions

Hystream is constructing and will operate

the first hydrogen filling station in Dordrecht

Hystream is proud to announce that it will build and operate its first hydrogen filling station at a recently opened filling station at the Laan der Verenigde Naties in Dordrecht in partnership with Koninklijke van Twist. 

The filling station is situated at a strategic location, near the A16 motorway in Dordrecht. 

This hydrogen filling station will be equipped for hydrogen refueling at 350 and 700 bar, enabling cars, trucks and buses to refuel. Next to hydrogen, traditional fuels are also available.


The hydrogen refueling station will be realized at an already existing petrol station which was formally opened in the summer of 2020 by BP and Koninklijke van Twist. At the time of opening, one of the objectives was to examine whether a hydrogen refueling facility could be realized in the near future.

Hystream has taken on this role and is proud and excited to build and operate this fueling facility.

Tankstation VTwistBP.jpg

Image: the BP-van Twist petrol station Laan der Verenigde Naties Dordrecht

Green hydrogen as a fuel source for sustainable mobility 

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Hydrogen is a clean fuel and a zero-emission energy carrier. It offers ample opportunities for the mobility sector:

  • Hydrogen is a high efficiency and zero emission fuel. It completely eliminates CO2 emissions and other gases such as NOx and CO.

  • Hydrogen-powered vehicles are powered by an electric motor and equipped with a fuel cell which turns hydrogen into electricity and heat.

  • Hydrogen-powered vehicles emit zero CO2, they only release water (H2O).

  • Hydrogen as a fuel source has an energy conversion rate 2-3 times more efficient than conventional engines. You can drive further on less fuel.