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We are distinctive by the combination of decades of gas experience in the field of project management, safety and operation with a strong focus on delivery. 

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About Us

Hystream is active in multiple projects in The Netherlands focused on green hydrogen production as well as realizing green hydrogen applications for trucks, buses, cars, short-sea shipping and (utility) buildings. 

Our Mission

Our main objective is to decarbonise society by realizing green hydrogen solutions for multi-purpose use, such as for public transport, industry, trucks, cars, vessels and buildings. 

Our mission is to realize green hydrogen Multi-Hubs: locally producing, storing, distributing and applying green hydrogen for multi-purpose use.

Albert Haak

Commercieel Directeur

Astrid IJssennagger

Management Assistent

Renze Straatsma

Project Engineer

Our Team

Joep Coenen

Technisch Directeur

Annelies Heijnis


Bas van Veen

Project Engineer

Klaas Otto Ykema

Financieel Directeur

Daphne Korsman

Marketing & PR


+31 348 437 474

Korenmolenlaan 4

3447 GG Woerden

The Netherlands

KVK nr: 780 927 01 

IBAN: NL37 TRIO 0320 0155 64

BTW nr: NL861 261 719 B01

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