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Our objective is to decarbonise society by realising end-to-end green hydrogen solutions for mobility, such as transport, cars, inland shipping, and utility buildings.

We are distinctive by the combination of decades of gas experience in the field of project management, safety and operational excellence with a strong focus on delivery. 

Making fuel for a clean



We deliver end-to-end green hydrogen solutions. We realize the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen. 


We provide state of the art hydrogen solutions solving today's and future energy transition challenges. Our solutions resolve grid congestion, provide zero-emission construction power and make hydrogen available on demand at location.


 We plan, design and coordinate safe and coherent solutions for the development of hydrogen projects. We take care of the initiation, definition, design, development, implementation and follow-up phases of your project.


 We realize the safe operation of hydrogen production, storage and distribution. We can help you to unlock the full potential of your hydrogen operations.

We are delivering the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen at strategic locations.

For the distribution of our green hydrogen we are realizing hydrogen filling stations for cars, trucks, buses as well as for inland and short-sea shipping.

Our mission is to create a green hydrogen network inclusive and available for all.

Our solutions are


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